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A Buyers Guide to Custom Suits

November 26th, 2015

We offer two grades of tailoring and our custom suit, also known as our half hand stitched suit, offers an entry into the world of luxury bespoke tailoring. Our custom suits offer quality construction and fit but without the fully bespoke price tag.

Unlike basic made to measure we create a unique pattern for each of our customers. Although we don’t offer the intermediate fittings that we do with our fully bespoke service, creating a unique pattern allows us to address fit issues that a simple made to measure service would not. We will also retain your pattern so you have a consistent fit on future orders.

Our custom suits offer a half canvas, but rather than being stitched by machine the chest is padded and shaped by hand. This creates a web of stitches that build a curvature into the chest where a machine stitched suit would hang flat. This curvature improves the shape, fit and silhouette of the suit. We also pad our lapels, shape our collars and insert our sleeves by hand to improve the fit of the suit.

Our custom suit offering is available from just $1140. An investment on the journey to a fully bespoke experience.

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