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The Ultimate Travel Suit

August 13th, 2019

Cad & The Dandy New York teamed up with cloth merchant Gladson, selecting some key menswear influencers to create The Ultimate Travel Suits in Glasdon’s iconic Made in England Fresco cloth.

The Ultimate Travel Suit

Journalist Zachary Weiss; musicians the Ruen Brothers; Michelin Star Executive Chef of the D&D Group (Queens Yard & Bluebird Restaurants) Bogdan Danila, and men’s fashion author Bruce Boyer have each designed their own bespoke Ultimate Travel Suit, hand made by Cad & The Dandy New York, in Gladson’s singular Fresco cloth.

Each influencer was selected for their diverse, authentic, modern, adaptable and independent approach in their respective fields. Special events to mark this collection have been held around the United States as part of an ongoing celebration of the all new Fresco Select fabric collection launch.

“By now, every guy knows they need a classic navy suit, but as I get older, I’m learning how to play around with that idea by mixing in different silhouettes and fabric patterns. In this case, I think my Fresco suit nails that “classic with a twist” combination, perfect for hitting the road in style.”

– Zachary Weiss, Journalist

“Stage and street are a demanding combo. These suits do it all. They’re light, easy to travel with and look killer… Top draw!”

– Ruen Brothers, Musicians

“I’ve had a Fresco garment, either a suit, a sports garment or a blazer in my wardrobe every since I went to college, and that would have been the early 60s, and the reality is that the suit that I designed with Cad & The Dandy is exactly the suit that I had bought in the 60s, the reason was is what I was interested in, then and now is the perfect international mans business mans suit”

– Bruce Boyer, Men’s Fashion Author

About Fresco
Originally patented in England in 1907, Fresco has achieved a mythical cult status among tailoring royalty and fashion aficionados. Cool, crisp and wrinkle free, it features a porous, open weave and a dry hand feel that keeps the wearer cool and dry in the heat.


Woven in England by legendary Huddersfield producer Hardy Minnis – the only woollen merchant to hold the prestigious Royal Warrant By Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – it is the company’s most popular fabric on Savile Row, throughout Europe and in Japan. Worn by presidents, captains of industry and celebrities alike, all of whom have been drawn to its flawless performance and unique characteristics.


Top design houses like Paul Smith & Louis Vuitton are devotees of Fresco and its quintessentially English accent. Every ingredient of the cloth’s secret recipe – from specially sourced yarns to the number of turns in its high twist construction and from its unique wool grade and yarn count ratio to its bespoke finish, – combine for exceptional performance and crease resistance. Hence the moniker The Ultimate Travel Suit.



About Gladson New York
Since 1948, Gladson New York has been the preeminent purveyor of the world’s finest fabrics to the men’s custom tailoring industry throughout the United States. This third-generation family business is part of a global textile group that
includes HMS International Fabrics in New York, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds in the UK, and Roger La Viale in India.

Gladson and its sister companies represent a who’s who of the best mills in Biella, Italy, Huddersfield, England, and other key textile weaving centers around the world.

“Radical changes are happening in the global marketplace. New products, new approaches to selling and buying, plus new developments in the textile field. Our ongoing relationships with the best mills in the world gives us an opportunity to monitor innovations in both the fabric stage and finished product stage and to share these with our customers and retailers.”

– Michael Solomon, CEO Gladson