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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together this list of our most frequently asked questions, to assist with any queries you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if your query is not covered below. You’ll find our contact email and telephone number at the bottom of the list.

Tell me more about bespoke.
We will see you multiple times when you first commission a bespoke garment from us as we make and refine the perfect fit for you. At the end of the process we will have a unique pattern that perfectly fits your body. All our custom garments are fully hand made, creating excellent shape and finish.

What are your standard terms of payment?
We charge for all of our garments up front. This enables us to pay our cloth, trimmings and other vital suppliers up front, which gets us better pricing. We then pass on these savings to our customers.

How long does it take to have a custom suit made?
Suits typically take eight to ten weeks to make. The first time you visit us the process may take a little longer as we will want to see you for multiple fittings while we create and refine the perfect fitting suit. Bespoke shirts in our house cloth take up to four weeks.

How many times will I need to visit you to have my suit made?
We don’t specify a minimum number of fittings as we won’t allow a custom suit to go out unless we’re totally happy with it. However, on average you’ll have between 2-3 fittings for a suit and 1-2 fittings for a shirt.

What is the process?
Book your consultation, choose your cloth and styling details, have your measurements taken and from here, the making process begins. After this you’ll have several fittings to ensure a perfect fit.

Can I look at examples of your tailoring before I buy?
We have an extensive gallery of garments available for you to view on our website. Each of our shops has a selection of mannequins on display, and as each also contains a workshop, tailored suits can be seen during the making process.

How many cloths do you have for me to choose from?
Over 5000, sourced from the UK’s top mills and selected Italian suppliers.

Where can I have my garments fitted?
You can place your order in any one of our New York, London and Sweden shops. Custom garment fittings are then available in any of our locations, booked at your convenience.

Do you offer an alterations service?
Yes. We offer alterations on our custom suits.

Do you keep my information for future orders?
Yes. Once your pattern is drafted, it is adjusted at each fitting to ensure the perfect fit for your future orders.

Do I need to make an appointment?
We would always advise an appointment being made so we can allocate the appropriate amount of time to give you the best possible service.

Can I have my garments sent out to me?
We are happy to send your garments after you’ve had your final fitting.

What are your opening hours?
Our opening hours can be viewed on our Contact page.

Further help?
For further queries, help or assistance on any aspect of our business, please email nyc@cadandthedandy.com.