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Custom Tuxedos & Formalwear

Formalwear is the overarching term used for tuxedos, morning suits, white tie and other formal attire. Any occasion that calls for such a dress code needs an ensemble that is both well considered and beneficial to the wearer.

Bespoke tuxedos are a very popular choice for wedding suits. Offering classic, timeless elegance, custom tuxedos ensure the sharpest of looks whatever the wedding event. With a stipulated dress code, this can extend from just a groom tuxedo to all the male guests and the groomsmen suits too.

At Cad & The Dandy we understand that the simplicity of these styles means that the cutting is absolutely key. Our team of tailoring experts ensure that every formal garment we make respects its classical roots whilst bringing the traditional firmly up to date.

With in-depth knowledge, our dedicated tailors are on hand to advise and guide you through the details and demands of your every bespoke formalwear need.

– We have hundreds of classic cloths to choose from
– Garments range from wedding tuxedos and dress shirts to full formalwear
– Our expert tailors have extensive formalwear knowledge
– Book in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, London or Stockholm
– Garment construction takes between 8-10 weeks, on average

  • Custom Black Tuxedo


  • Custom Blue Velvet Tuxedo

  • Custom Wedding Tuxedos

  • Bespoke Wedding Tuxedos

  • Made to Measure Wedding Tuxedo

  • Made to Measure Black Tuxedo

  • Custom Black Velvet Tuxedo

  • Made to Measure Morning Suit

  • Tailored Dinner Jacket

  • Tailored Dinner Jacket
  • Tailored Dinner Jacket
  • Tailored Dinner Jacket
  • Tailored Dinner Jacket
  • Tailored Dinner Jacket
  • Tailored Dinner Jacket
  • Tailored Dinner Jacket
  • Tailored Dinner Jacket
  • Tailored Dinner Jacket

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