french-blue-umbrella-james-ince french-blue-umbrella-james-incefrench-blue-umbrella-james-incefrench-blue-umbrella-james-ince

French Blue Umbrella – James Ince


Scorched maple handle, gold cuff and gun metal trim

This French Blue umbrella, made by James Ince Umbrellas, forms part of a collection curated by the team at Cad & The Dandy with our customer firmly in mind. As the UK's longest established umbrella manufacturer, James Ince hand cut and finish each umbrella making them among the finest available. Crafted in a range of traditional and contemporary colours, they are the must-have accessory for an elegant look in unseasonable weather.

Made in England
Umbrella length: 91cm
Materials: 100% polyester, maple wood
Design Type: Solid Colour
Product Code: UMB-0008

In stock

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