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What is Pitti? – our Guide to Florence and the people that attend Pitti Uomo

January 20th, 2023

Those that even loosely follow menswear will no doubt have heard about the biannual migration of the style cognoscenti to the birthplace of the renaissance, the city that Mark Twain one described as the ‘City of Dreams’.


Florence has hosted this event since 1972, being conveniently held just prior to Milan’s fashion week, a trade-show for the world’s craftsmen and retailers to buy and sell their wares and for journalists to write about the latest trends.

Over the years Pitti was hijacked by the infamous Pitti Peacock, those loosely associated with the trade purely there to garner attention, wandering the streets of Firenze hunting photographers in the vain hope of being snapped through the Leica of those that hold sway in ‘Menswear’.


With the advent of Pitti 103 last week, we are pleased to report that the fair has been wrestled back by the sartorially elegant. With the rise of technology (yes something hard to imagine in the world of tailoring) it is now more a place to converse, debate and catch up with suppliers, friends, journalists and customers, as well as an opportunity to partake once more in the delights of Tuscan food and wine.

We decided rather than detail the latest trends in menswear – we can do this next time we see you in the shop – we would instead share our favorite places in the city to eat, drink and to meet our friends.


All’antico Vinaio
If ever a perfect sandwich was to be photographed, surely it would be here. The queues are testament to how a humble sandwich can be magnificent. Oodles of options with fillings applied to look as good as they taste. It’s the perfect ‘grab and go’.

Pizza Gusto
Serving pizzas and nothing else, for when you perfect your art nothing else is needed. Also a great excuse to head south of the river for a slightly more relaxed atmosphere away from the tourist hoards.

Bulli and Balene
Hidden away in an innocuous square, this cicchetti spot serves quick and delicious snacks to eat standing or sitting. Matched with a small perfect cocktail or spritz, it’s an oasis of calm for pre dinner catch ups with friends.

Il Fratellini
A hole in the wall wine bar, served by well mannered and charming staff offering a great range of Chianti for pocket change. Returning time and again, not just for the wine but also conversations with those similarly seeking the bouquet of the grape. The sanctuary of an authentic Tuscan landmark.

Il Profeta
Our visits to Florence are never complete without seeing the husband and wife team who run this slightly out of the way restaurant. Never order from the menu, merely ask to receive what they would like to cook. With each course you are told of the maker of the oil, the origin of the squid or the vodka pasta sauce… you can’t fail to be charmed by meeting people who love what they do and are guaranteed to roll home in a state of contentment unmatched in every aspect. A reminder for us to share the love and passion we have for our own craft with our customers.

Some of our favorite Pitti people:


Robert Spangle of 1000yardstyle
Mohan Singh
Arran cross
Luke Alland


Andy of Styleafter50
Andreas of Flannels and Tweed
Matt Hranek of WM Brown magazine fame
Erik Mannby of Plaza Uomo magazine

Style Commentators

Simon Berg
Steve Knorsh

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